Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download

Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download Full version


Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download Full version with Cheats:

Counter Strike is very famous game. Every one like it. No age limited users. Played by elders and children alike. It’s a first person game. Counter Strike 1.6 is a very action one game. You have to do some tasks. Shoot the enemies.
Player can select from the playing modes. Like a zombie mode or Death Match. It has multiple languages. You can play online. Select your team. Go for some missions. A game community can be created. If playing offline, then you can save your game.

Plus points of Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download:

  • Supported by almost all the systems.
  • Very low hardware requirements.
  • Very easy to start. Difficult to play. Its difficulty level can be set.
  • A lot of modes are there. User can select from them.

Negative Points of Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download:

  • Psychologically proven that very small number of persons don’t like it. Its graphics make them uncomfortable. So give it a try. Then decide to play.
  • This one is first person game. But user demand second person game.
  • May increase your anger.

Conclusion of Counter Strike: Game that was designed in 1999. Become the favorite one. This was liked by users due to its creation of fun. Its starting play-ability makes the way, where this is standing now.

Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download with Cheats


Publisher’s Review:

  • This is Counter Strike v1.6 with Stream v1.0.
  • Counter Strike is designed for team play.
  • User can also change the team mode into self mode.
  • Its a new way by to provide you games. That is known as “Stream”. A lot of known games are being provided by¬†this. Half life, Counter Strike and Condition zero are some of them.
  • Games in that are automatically programmed. No need to update. No add. No pop-ups. No charges. No need to purchase server for team play.

Cheats For Counter Strike 1.6 full version:

Counter Strike 1.6 cheats


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