Connectify 9 Pro Crack & Dispatch Hotspot

Connectify 9 Pro Crack Full Version with License Key

Connectify 9 Pro Crack Full Version with License Key

Connectify 9 Pro Crack Plus Patch Full Version is basically your primary router. Can act as a repeater of your place. Range of your router can be customized. That may be increased to make internet access when you need it. You just need to connect to your network. wifi name & password can be same. Press the button “Start hotspot”. All the devices will be connected. your Connectify 9 Pro Crack Plus Patch will act now as connectifier.
A number of devices & software can be shared. Now we can share it with this new version. That includes “Vodafone USB modems” & “Go 4G Modems“. Also “Cisco VPN connect”. Connectify 9 Pro Crack will note down your device’s network card. Allocate your device a username and password. By using that you can easily share your data. But you can share data only to them who are also connected to the same network.

Unique Abilities of Connectify 9 Pro Crack Plus Patch:

  • More ability. Now your device will be a wifi hotspot.
  • Reduce Effort. Now you can use static IP Addresses. Now you are sure about clients. A client will always gets the same IP address.
  • Increase productivity. Now you can share your hotspot to any network.
  • Improved compatibility. Connectify 9 Pro Crack Plus Patch new version has new driver. That will reduce your bugs.
  • Automatically working. Whenever you start your system. The software start its working. No need to start it manually. This feature is “Always Resume”.
  • Keep Log. You can see the devices connected to your hotspot. And can find who is using that.
  • New Settings. Now you can change your hotspot to your will. You can have default settings as well.
  • Service pack. Packets of fragments can be handled. As the last version was having problems about this. But now our developers make it as you demanded.

How to crack Connectify 9 Pro:

  • Download it from our link below.
  • Install it. Installation should be clean. If any errors are there try it in safe mode.
  • Click on the button “manually reboot later.
  • Now download Connectify 9 Pro Crack. Provided on our link below.
  • Now select the path.
  • Press button “Crack & Activate”.
  • Wait for a moment. Till the installation completed.
  • “Ok” message will be pop out.
  • Execute the file “HOSTMOD.bat”.

Your CONNECTIFY 9 PRO CRACK is activated now. But there is something else. You have to block your connectify server. Otherwise your connectifier sever will start
the default validation. That will not allow you to make your software crack. Read the instruction very attentively.

Steps to block server:

  1. Make it sure. You don’t have restarted your system.
  2. Go to path [C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts]
  3. Check in the host file. Are there 10 URL with ending “”. If not then add them manually. Those would be in read me file.
  4. Now go to properties of host file. Click on its security tab.
  5. Deny the front of write permission to first group. By clicking on the Deny check.
  6. Make it sure for all four users.
    “Apply”. “Ok”. Warning messages will pop up, click on “yes”.
  7. Reboot your computer. Now you can enjoy it. Its safe.




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We suggest you to download it. Install it. Use it. Enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to share it.
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